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About Me

(In no particular order...)

  • Photographer

  • Talker

  • Baby enthusiast

  • Wife and Mother of 3

  • Pianist

  • Netflix Junkie

  • Runner, Cyclist, Swimmer, and wanna-be Yogi


I pride myself on creating a simple, fun, no stress photography experience. I feel privileged that my clients choose to invite me into their lives, and I do not take that responsibility lightly! Thank you for considering me, and trusting me with your baby.


Want know know more about me and my qualifications? Click here.





Let's Talk

Draper & West Jordan


Tel: 801-885-8393 



"A baby will make

love stronger,

days shorter,

nights longer,

bank roll smaller,

home happier,

clothes shabbier,

the past forgotten,

and the future

worth living for."

- Unknown

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