Hey! I am Diane Owen. From the time I was a very small girl I have loved babies. All I wanted for every birthday and Christmas was a new baby doll to care for (preferably bald, because that made them feel like newborns to me.) As I grew up I found ways to focus my love of babies and children. I got a B.S. degree in Human Development from BYU, where I studied the development of the human mind and body, and the development of attachments and relationships in babies. I took that education further by interning with United Way. My job was to meet with new parents in the hospital and in their homes with the goal of helping them navigate the rough waters of bringing home a new baby. I loved helping other people understand their baby’s abilities, limitations, and developmental milestones. After college, I got married and had three beautiful babies of my own (none of which were even close to bald), which changed my world forever. When my kids got too big to call them babies anymore, I began using my passion for photography to help other people capture precious times with their babies. As that passion grew, I attended Fotofly Academy to become a certified professional photographer. I learned so much and gained valuable experience and confidence behind the camera. I love learning about photography and will continue to study it to make sure I can always deliver images I am proud of and that my clients will love.

I specialize in photos of a baby’s first year. The first year is so full of change; watching your baby develop his or her personality is one of the most significant joys of being a parent. I would love to help you document this amazing time your child’s life.

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