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Oh man, I have been so behind on life! And the blog, obviously! The last month has been amazing, exhausting, and busy busy busy! My husband and I went to Fiji to celebrate our 15th wedding anniversary, we came home to spring break with the kids, and now we are just back to the grind of work, playing taxi driver, and plotting the last 6 weeks of the school year! I can't believe Summer is just around the corner, woohoo!

I had to share some favorites from this session. My favorite thing about this baby is his name and the backstory. While mom was pregnant and they were discussing names, their 3-year-

old son kept insisting that the baby was names Fix-it Felix, after his favorite tv character. They tried to convince him of other names, but he held firm, and eventually the rest of the family started to think that maybe the baby's name was supposed to be Felix! After he was born, mom and dad decided that it was too cute how much big brother loved his baby brother already, and that Felix was the perfect name for him. How many 3-year-olds actually win the name battle?! I love it so much!

Welcome to the world Felix!

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